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Ikarai, consisting of violin, viola, cello, bass, piano and drums, uniquely blends the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the soundtrack of a tale never told. For each new concert program they take an existing story and underscribe it with their musical score. In their previous program, FLY, they took on the myth of Icarus. Now, it’s Muhammad Ali.

Performing only original material, Ikarai sounds like no other. Whilst referring to the European classical tradition, their compositions highlight improvisation, interplay and spontaneity. Finding an honest blend between these elements characterizes Ikarai’s vision of the future of modern music.

Ikarai presents a new program with original music set up on the story of Muhammad Ali. The legendary fight, the dance of the century, The Rumble in the Jungle, finally set to music. A thrilling evening full of recollections, speeches and poems by the fighter. They're currently touring the Netherlands and are expected to extend their tour in 2019/2020 with small theaters and international performances. 


CAMIEL JANSEN - composer/ double bass  | JULIAN SCHNEEMANN -  piano JEROEN BATTERINK - drums | TESSEL HERSBACH - violin |YANNA PELSER - viola BENCE HUSZAR - cello



“Music that floats between different styles and atmospheres. Meditation is alternated with derangement and mystery and yet I always get the feeling it will be alright. A journey I can recommend to anyone. Anyone who listens to real music.” – TIJL BECKAND (Tv-presenter)

“The tale of Icarus told through genuine, exciting and well performed music. Centered around tradition, adventure and the mixing of styles. My cup of tea. I belong to the group of Ikarai fans, and I’m certain this group will keep growing on.” –  CO DE KLOET (Radiopresenter )

“The ensemble is comfortable in all musical styles and manages to escape from genre-fictation in a pleasant manner.” - JOOST GALEMA (NRC Handelsblad)


www.ikarai.com / facebook / soundcloud