About Us

Bird Call Bookings strives to have the audience get in touch with the new generation of bands 'that need to be heard'. Bands that don't just continuously search for their own sound, but allow improvisation and interaction to influence every concert that they give. Because music is something that happens in the now and can't be caught. Bird Call Bookings and all of its involved musicians collectively work towards spreading this art form.

All bands represented by Bird Call Bookings are influenced by jazz music, and improvisation has a key factor in their music. We operate from the Netherlands, with the majority of its bands being Dutch, all working towards a sustainable career in the music industry. Our priority will always be quality over profit, and we welcome new and upcoming bands to reach out to us for advice. For our goal as the music community should always be to work together for a better future.

Together we strive for high quality in music and communication, and aim to be your desired partner in the Dutch and international jazz scene.




Robert van der Padt
tel.: +316 1802 6566



Remi Kazukauskas
tel.: +316 4205 5651


Photo made by Felipe Pipi